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Why is MBA course so complicated, limiting, expensive?
So, we built the first online MBA courses to change all that,
 only US$ 1,119.00 in installments or US$ 800.00 in one payment!
See below our
available 26 MBAs and 20 Certifications

These MBA courses or Certifications are for  executives, entrepreneurs, Government officers or any companies  directors or  managers, in order to grow his careers. Last, but not the least, if one has chosen a career goal, he should be aware of the future trends and opportunities in the particular field.

International Trade Management Business Administration & e Company
International Trade Mngt
Internet Marketing &
e-Commerce Internet Marketing & e-Commerce
Project Management PM Project Management PM
EMBA Executive Business
Administration Executive Business EMBA
Human Resources Management HR Human Resources Management HR
Finance Management Finance Management
Hospital & Health
Management Hospital & Health Management
Hotel & Tourism Management Hotel & Tourism Management
Public Administration &
e-Government Public Administration & e-Government


These MBA courses or Certifications  are for Information Technology IT professionals because today is imperative to learn how to manage their fields. To grow in your Government or private company you need  to learn the NEW management rules.

Chief Information Officer CIO
 Information Technology Security Mngt
 Customer Relationship Mngt CRM
 Enterprise Resources Planning ERP
Business Intelligence & Data Mining BI
 Virtualization & Cloud Computer  Mngt  
 Voip Telephony System Management
 Purchase & Supply Chain Mngt  SCM
 Business Automation & Workflow Mngt
Mobile Program & Market & Boyd Mngt

These MBA courses  are either for Government or companies engineers, to learn  the NEW management rules for these engineering fields. Learning how to solve different business problems and understanding marketing issues and management related issues are some key skills an MBA course can teach you and help you to land senior management positions. Having already obtained a technical degree, a MBA completes your education in the wider areas of management.

Software Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Petrol & Oil Engineering
Municipal & Urban Engineering

free gratis nemokamai MBA Certification tecaji course technologie de l'information librement école administration des affaires

 Your MBA or Certification in:
Chief Information Officer CIO

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Chief Information Officer CIO

An imperative course for IT professionals !

"America's one and only economic driver for the next several decades rest in the hands of CIOs.

That is the conclusion of economist W. Brian Arthur, Citibank professor at the Santa Fe Institute, who developed the modern theory of increasing revenues. Technology will connects systems, processes and functions within and between companies but it is up to the CIO to channel the connections -. July 2003".

This course teaches the basics of the business administration using the modern information technologies, and his intention is to give a general view of what now is the highest level of the professions related with the Information Technology, the "CIO Chief Information Officer".

It is not a formal course, but instead conceptual. Evidently, nobody becomes trained - for instance some recently-graduated or with few years of experience - to be a CIO Chief Information Officer. But he becomes trained about the experience road to be a CIO Chief Information Officer more faster and more safe.

CIO is the abbreviation of "Chief Information Officer " and is a new professional, usually between the President of the company and the other Directors including the IT Director. He does not replace the IT Director, with the exception in small companies.

A CIO Chief Information Officer has entrepreneurial experience and at the same time technical experience in Information Technologies. The entrepreneur usually has only the entrepreneurial experience and the information system manager has only on technical matters. However, business is more and more the information system and the information system is more and more the business.

In the next five years more and more the companies will need a CIO Chief Information Officer, that change technologies (computer, Internet, communications, etc) in businesses and therefore in profits.

The Chief Information Officer CIO Program

The CIO Chief Information Officer course covers the following matters:

First half of the Course

  • CIO Chief Information Officer Role

    • General Control Theory

    • Feedback Control System

    • Management by Exception

  • Internet Sales & Marketing

    • Search Engine Marketing SEM

    • Search Engine Optimization SEO

    • Blogs

    • RSS Feeds

    • Link Popularity

    • Web 2.0

  • e-Commerce

    • B2B and B2C

    • e-Procurement

  • TeleCommuter (Distance work)

  • Geo-Spatial & Informatics Integration

  • Project Management PM

    • Essentials of Project Management PM

    • Practice: How to use the Project Management software Microsoft Project 2003 PM, with a working Project Management

    • Practice: How to use the Project Management software Project KickStart PM, with a working Project Management example

    • Practice: How to use the Project Management software A-Plan 2004 PM, with a working Project Management example.

Second half of the Course

  • ERP Enterprise Resources Planning

  • Internet Telephony (Voice over IP)

  • Wireless

  • CRM Customer Relationship Management

    • Call Centers

  • SCM Supply Chain Management

    • Radio Frequency Identification RFID

  • Business Automation BA & Workflow

    • Workflow Essentials & Management

    • Internet Automation:
      How to extract price lists, stock information and other data from websites
      How to test websites automatically
      How to complete automatically forms
      How to navigate complex websites repeatedly without user intervention
      How to use macros script for the web automation (Internet agent, robot, spider)
      How to automate search engine submission
      How to automate articles submission
      Internet Monitoring.

    Business Intelligence BI

    • Data Mining

  • Virtualization

    • Essentials of Virtualization

    • Example: Microsoft Virtual Server

    • Example: VMware Virtual Server

    • Example: XenSource Virtual Server

  • Cloud Computing (The new computer age)

  • Service Oriented Architecture SOA

  • Computer & Network Security

  • On-Demand Services.

Who Should Attend?

Application Architect
Deputy Director
Director of Communications
Director of Information Services
Director of Information Technology
Director of Online Communications,
Director of Product Management
Director of Strategic Communications,
Director of Technology Strategy
Director of Technology
Director of Web Services
Executive Vice President, Strategy and Business Development,
IT Manager
Lead Programmer
Manager of Technology and Programming
Manager, Strategy and Business Development
Managing Director
Online Community Manager
President & CEO
Program Manager
Research Engineer
Senior Associate
Senior Software Development Manager
Senior Vice President
Software Developer 3
Software Engineer
Sr. Product Development Manager
Sr. UI Design Lead
SVP & GM, Content Management & Archiving Business Unit
Vice President
Vice President of Interactive
Vice President of Product Management
Vice President of Strategic Systems,
Vice President of Technology
Web Analyst/Programmer
Web Producer
Web Systems Architect

Countries: Egypt Cairo Japan Tokyo Guatemala Guatemala City Mauritius Port Louis
Courses: librement école administration des affaires



Notes on Chief Information Officer CIO MBA Job

Customer relationship management crm e-commerce and self help - these applications facilitate ordering, cross references (part number translation), and provide access to expertise on a 24x7 basis.

In the coming years, virtual machines will move beyond their simple provisioning capabilities and beyond the machine room to provide a fundamental building block for mobility, security and usability on the desktop.

Sometimes cios describe their role as a sanity check to ensure that information technology it strategies hang together. They also look at technology futures and budgets, and supplier management is a new entrant to the list.


Notes on Chief Information Officer CIO MBA Course

Many articles about customer relationship management crm project failure blame a gargantuan project scope or the software packages themselves - these are certainly among the many good reasons for those failures.

Besides integrating with legacy applications, web services are beginning to help companies integrate multiple saas applications. Up to now the most ubiquitous integration problem, user management, has either been ignored by companies using saas or has had to be cobbled together by in house teams. I can tell you, we use everything from salesforce to netsuite to rightnow and we’ve had to put some pretty tricky things in to (imperfectly) manage users. Now we are seeing ready built solutions from tricipher and symplified that are making this easier and easier for both the saas vendor and the enterprise.

Recent times have seen the it world look for different means of consolidating that would assist in running their systems more efficiently in virtualization.


Notes on Chief Information Officer CIO MBA Managers

By providing the means to manage and coordinate customer interactions, customer relationship management crm technology helps companies maximize the value of every customer interaction and in turn drive improved corporate performance.

It’s not the technology that counts. It’s the people.

Consolidated service desk (csd) software has evolved to enable it staff to proactively address user and system problems. The software can prioritize calls, analyze problem frequency, and identify patterns.


Notes on Chief Information Officer CIO MBA Careers

Dealing with acquisitions is an expected reality in the world of software vendors, and the same should be true goes companies who rely on outside vendors it goes their it needs. There is the high likelihood that companies' crm vendors will be acquired, which can leave the companies in the lurch if they plows not prepared.

In the european union, the treatment of voip service providers is a decision for each member state's national telecoms regulator, which must use competition law theory to define relevant national markets and then determine whether any service provider on those national markets has " significant market power" (and so should be subject to certain obligations).

Companies can acquire their own gateways to eliminate third-party costs, which is worthwhile in some situations.


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Chief Information Officer CIO